It's been more than 20 years since my career as a textile designer started. During these years, I had the chance to visit countries, discover cultures, in search of different materials. These trips have always nourished my textile creations.

Since my youngest age and my first holidays in Galicia, my land of heart, I have nourished this passion for the ocean, its power and its immensity. It is through surfing that this love was born, its atmosphere and its whole universe.

But to truly love is also to commit. We had to bring something new to the world of textiles, an idea that would make all the difference, a material in osmosis with the oceans

It was during a trip to Spain that a meeting finalized the project: the discovery of Seaqual Initiative.

This organization contributes to the cleaning of the oceans thanks to the fishermen: they recover the plastic waste, which will then be recycled, before being transformed into yarn...

All the conditions were finally met to create Wastendsea: combining clothing fashion and my professional experience in cleaning up the oceans.

But it is also and above all for my two daughters that Wastendsea was born. With this brand, I wanted to offer them an eco-responsible, stylish and committed collection. They are my biggest inspiration in this project.

Together, we realized how fashion could be a good alternative to raise awareness of environmental causes; and give everyone the means, at their own level, to participate in saving the oceans. This is why we also donate 1% of our turnover to the Project Rescue Ocean association in order to contribute to their actions.

We all have a cause close to our hearts, at Wastendsea it's the oceans!




It was Daniel who had been maturing Wastendsea for months… In full confinement he put this project on the table. Bim! He freaked us out but with his 20 years of experience in fashion, we thought why not. Céline is the Swiss army knife of the team. She orchestrated the pace of the project, found the right partners, contacted the media. In short, a family affair!



They are at the origin of the inspiration of the project with the support of Martin, the Creole BG, their cousin. Passionate about fashion, they supervise Insta posts, validate the graphics... In short, they keep an eye on the grain!



He is immersed in the world of surfing. Well Inspired and passionate, he immediately understood our story and offered us his graphic universe that you will love.

Thanks to you


Thanks to our collaboration with Seaqual Initiative, and especially thanks to your purchases made since the creation of the brand, 3000 kg of plastic waste that pollutes our oceans have been used to make our stylish and committed collection. Thank you !