Wastendsea textiles: stylish clothing, committed materials.

To offer you committed clothing, we have chosen to manufacture from upcycled plastic material, harvested by fishermen adhering to the Seaqual initiative concept. And so that you also find them stylish, we have worked hard to select the best manufacturing processes, which allow Wastendsea hoods and tees to have a perfect fit and such comfort, that once put on you can't help it. pass.


How to transform plastic waste
in weaving yarn?

Turning an old soda bottle into a super stylish sweatshirt takes a few steps…it's not as easy as going from frog to Prince Charming.

1/ COLLECTION: Waste is collected and collected by fishermen at the bottom of the oceans
2/ SORTING: They are then sorted to keep only the plastic waste
3/ SHREDDING: the waste is washed then crushed in the form of granules
4/ TRANSFORMATION: These granules are then melted and stretched in the form of fibers

This fiber is a recycled polyester Seaqual (or Upcycled Marine Plastic Seaqual), which is associated in spinning with an organic cotton fiber. The two fibers are twisted in spinning with a very high twist: it is this twist that will ensure the optimal resistance of the yarn.

This new, fully traceable raw material gives us the power to educate our customers about the issue of marine pollution, and gives you the power to support those who fight it, by buying and proudly wearing our clothes.

One thing leading to another, manufacturing is also engaged 

A stylish garment is a garment that lasts, and whose shape and color do not change. Thanks to our manufacturing choices, your hoods and tees are durable, and remain as stylish as the first day. The beginning of the great love story between you and your favorite sweatshirt starts with knitting….


You remember ? We had obtained a very resistant thread thanks to the twist of the plastic fiber and an organic cotton fiber. This yarn is then knitted with a very tight thread count. Thanks to this particular texture, the fabric will be heavier and will give you this inimitable style when worn.

It will also prevent you from losing fibers during washes so that your clothes stay the same for their entire life with you.


Stylish colors are good. Colors that don't move are even better. We have therefore chosen a fabric dyed on rolls, which allows greater penetration of the dyes into the heart of the fibre. Your clothes won't fade, their color will stay the same, and you can wear them proudly for a long, long time.


At this stage, we favored a reinforced seam: no cracking and no spin after washing. Once again, we wanted for you a durable and faithful garment, which reflects our state of mind and our commitment.

From waste floating on the water to your sweatshirt, star of the most beautiful Insta stories, there is therefore a succession of choices: choice of committed materials and high quality fab methods.

You can wear our clothes with confidence, proudly show your commitment, and choose stylish fits and colors that you can wear for a long time.

The most beautiful stories are those that last, and we want to stay with you for a long time.