Nothing is lost, everything is transformed

The adventure of marine plastic upcycling at Wastendsea


Don't eat the plastic: wear it!

600,000 tons is the amount of plastic waste present in the Mediterranean Sea in 2019. A real environmental disaster that is slowly killing the fauna and flora, both poisoned by plastic. Today, 134 marine species are victims of plastic ingestion.

The principle of the food chain implies that we are also concerned: every week an average French person ingests the equivalent of the volume of a plastic bank card. Something to have some heartaches!

The problem does not come from the plastic (polyester) present in our clothes but from its overproduction.

The calculation then seems simple to us: to pollute less, you have to produce less, and to get rid of the existing plastic pollution, you have to collect it and reprocess it. Wastendsea, with the help of its partner Seaqual Initiative, uses a textile yarn created from plastic recovered by fishermen during their sea trips. So nothing is lost at the bottom of the sea and we transform a material that has already been produced.

Plastic sweatshirts? Not only ! Our yarn is mixed with an organic cotton fiber to create a soft, comfortable material. The methods of making that we have selected to make our clothes guarantee you a foolproof outfit. They look better, but they also last longer.

Everyone can act at their own level

The textile industry is the second most polluting industry in the world after oil. By comparison, its impact is greater than international flights and maritime traffic combined. Based on the principle that we can all act on our own scale, we have chosen, as a textile clothing brand, responsible and consistent production. However, we do not forget the style, and want to create clothes that you will want to wear, to show your commitment.

Our credo: you can be engaged while being stylish!

As the end consumer, you have the final say. We want to give you the desire, and above all the possibility, to choose alternative brands to the fast fashion industry. We campaign for less polluting materials and products, better paid employees. You can now choose to be well-dressed, in every sense of the word.

Wastendsea clothes have not traveled around the world twice before arriving in your wardrobes, but they do take you on a journey to the most beautiful surf spots in the world.

Have you already discovered the names of our cult models?

So rather than eating the weight of our plastic bank card every week, what if we used it to change the fashion world?

Let's be stylish and committed!