Near Toulouse. Wastendsea, clothes made with recycled waste from the ocean

Avoiding waste, and reusing the plastic waste found at the bottom of the oceans, to make clothes, that's the idea of ​​Wastendsea, near Toulouse.

Wastendsea brand sweatshirts

The idea was born during confinement, Daniel Rodriguez , textile designer for 20 years, based near Saint-Sulpice-la-Pointe, in the Tarn, west of Toulouse , has created its “ Wastendsea ” brand, to recycle plastic waste from the oceans.

Plastic waste becomes polyester, then clothes

As a specialist in textile materials, and a lover of ecology, Daniel Rodriguez had the idea of ​​linking these two subjects. With Wastendsea, literally "the end of waste in the sea" , he wants to find a second life for the plastic that clutters our seas and oceans.

For this, he has partnered with a Spanish company: "This company works with fishermen, who collect waste from the sea. It is sorted, and part of the plastic from the oceans is transformed into polyester fiber, which is used to make clothes.

Raising awareness of ecology

The entrepreneur therefore launches a brand, through which he wants “awareness of ecology”.

T-shirts and sweatshirts

Wastendsea products will be available for sale on the internet from mid-November, meanwhile Daniel Rodriguez has already received some prototypes:

We produce t-shirts and sweatshirts. The t-shirts are made from 50% cotton, 50% polyester fibers from sea waste , the ratio is 75/25 for sweatshirts. If you don't know the history of these clothes, they look classic and are comfortable to wear.

For the moment the price has not been fixed.

A local production

Apart from the plastic which comes from Spain, the rest of the production will be carried out at the local level, in the Occitanie region, whether the packaging , the marketing, digital strategy or screen printing .

A win/win project, which allows the oceans to be emptied, while creating useful everyday objects.

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