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WASTENDSEA sweaters made with marine waste in the Tarn!

How to reconcile trendy clothes and recycling? The answer with Wastendsea, a company based in the Tarn which offers t-shirts and sweatshirts made from plastic recovered from the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea.

Daniel Rodriguez is a textile designer. During confinement, he decided to create his own clothing brand "Wastendsea", which means "the end of waste in the sea". The idea is both simple and innovative: recover plastic from the bottom of the Mediterranean to make trendy clothes.

Wastendsea sweatshirt

Based in Saint Sulpice la Pointe in the Tarn, the company Wastendsea produces T-shirts and sweatshirts made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester fibers from sea waste. The products will be available for sale on the internet in mid-November 2020 for a budget ranging from 30 to 80 euros.

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