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This week with Toujours Ensemble, we are giving our objects a second life with “Wastendsea”

This week with Toujours Ensemble, we're giving our objects a second life with "Wastendsea"
Written by marinepn
Each year, the French place 3.6 million tonnes of bulky items* on the sidewalk, waste that is sometimes difficult to recycle. What if we change our behavior to consume differently, for example, by giving everyday objects a second life?

How to reconcile trendy clothes and recycling ? The ocean is overflowing with plastic waste. A material that now finds a second life with Wastendsea , company based in the Tarn which offers t-shirts and sweatshirts made from plastic recovered from the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. Their primary goal? Raising awareness among young people about cleaning up plastics in the oceans, proving to them that it is possible to be both eco-responsible and trendy . Daniel Rodriguez is a textile designer. During confinement, he decides to create his own clothing brand "Wastendsea" , which means "the end of waste in the sea" . The idea is both simple and innovative : recover plastic from the bottom of the Mediterranean to make trendy clothes .

In a few months, the somewhat crazy project that germinated around the family table has therefore become reality. "Wastendsea eco-responsible clothing will contain 50% organic cotton and 50% recycled marine plastic to provide a pleasant and quality fabric" , announces Céline, Daniel's companion. “Part of the turnover will be donated to the environmental association Project Rescue Ocean, which works to protect the oceans” says Daniel.

The plastic is recovered by boats . Washed, it is then transformed into flakes and plastic pellets. the latter are melted and transformed into yarn. The polyester yarn obtained is finally woven to obtain rolls of fabric. “It's a high-performance, eco-friendly fabric. It is part of a fashion trend that is sustainable and essential for the future of our planet,” says Daniel Rodrigues. "Wastendsea sweatshirts and t-shirts are part of a California-inspired surf fashion",

T-shirts and sweatshirts are sold between 30 and 80 euros on the brand's website .

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